Milestone Concrete

I have been creating counters, showers, floors, and other items using Milestone Hybrid concrete for about 24 years.

Oxide red counter with undermount brass sink. The backsplash is integral with an easy to clean radius between counter and splash. Milestone is applied to a built up substrate, so the shape can be as thick as you want it to appear. The faucet water comes through a new copper tube in the old blowtorch, and the control is a moving rock (out of view). The floor is also multi color Milestone.

A water, sand and sky scene for a kid’s bathroom. Glass tile inserts. Angled shampoo alcove. Milestone allows a seamless installation is odd-shaped spaces.

An existing funky fiberglass unit was replaced with a warm yellow seamless shower with a shampoo alcove. The Milestone ceiling makes everything in the stall water resistant. The shower pan is prepped with a traditional mortar bed and vinyl liner.

The hearth and two-sided fireplace create a soft room divider with warm seating. Small shelves provide a Mantle function. The Milestone continues onto the floor where it is flush with the wood tongue and groove. Rustic steel drawers came later.

Tub surround, vanity counter, and shower stall all connected. The shower is just large enough to not need a door. Various trim details create logical edges to big panels, including a shelf on top of the “wainscoting”.

6167 R

6171 RMixed Media: Milestone, Glass Tile, Stones, and Slate.


Counter, shower and floor in an existing bath. The blue floor went directly onto a concrete slab. The copper rod stabilizes the two walls, and hold the shower curtain. Scribed patterns allow unlimited possibilities for designs.

Two person sink for a master bathroom. The base and top are Milestone, with hidden fir drawers on each side. The center trough is sloped toward a drain. The structure includes anchors into the floor framing.

This island includes a undermount prep sink, and an abstract dining bar. Milestone in two colors creates a more variegated look. The side panels add to the solid feel.

Simple gray counter with a porcelain undermount sink and seamless backsplash.

Two color application creates a warm gray tone, with lots of interesting variations. The seamless backsplash goes up to the upper cabinets. The undermount sink includes a recess for the cutting block. It’s removable for cleaning.

This bathing area includes two shampoo alcoves, seamless covering of odd wall shapes, and a rainhead shower head. The Milestone tub base is subtly scribed to infer stacked limestone.

F 002 F 001 F 012

Bar installation over existing ceramic tile.

F 004R

Matching hearth surround.



Bathing Room with subtle abstract patterns in walls.

8688 R87R

Classic Details
Guest bath



6157 R Textures

All designed and built by MDBLLC.  Contact


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