31 01 2009


Magnusson Design and Building LLC  is owned and operated by Carl Magnusson. Living  in Langley on Whidbey Island, WA  for over 25 years,  I have been designing and collaborating on residential spaces with unique features and sustainable qualities.
This site includes a sample of what has been created over the years, as well as a few other items of interest. Please get in touch if you’re interested in a creative experience.

Carl Magnusson, owner


WA ST General Contractor Lic. # MAGNUDL934KM

Houses are selling!

9 10 2011

The Langley Farm House has sold and a new owner is coming. And the Dream Space has an offer, pending escrow.

Two houses for sale

14 07 2011

There are two houses for sale in the Langley area, both of which MDBLLC had a large role in.

First is the Dream Space, a modern home custom tailored for the client.

Second is a Vintage Farm House. This renovation was completed with a conscious nod toward the past, while upgrading and refreshing all the systems and many surfaces.

I find it noteworthy that these homes, while quite different in initial appearance, both invoke a familiar feeling upon entering.  There is a hand crafted feel to each project which brings forth an easy engagement for the visitor and occupants. In the case of the Farm House, tinted plaster and waxed wooden floors are  immediately striking. Everything is a bit more subtle in the Dream Space. Here we have hand worked stain over the entire floor, hand troweled wall texture, hand painted ceilings, and a rough hewn loft floor, all of which warm up the otherwise cool palette.   I find this pleasing.

Both available, take your choice or buy two! Here’s the sale information:

Langley Farm House

Dream Space

Two Little Houses

31 03 2011

The idea of little houses has been popping up a lot lately as the awareness of resource use grows.  I just posted a couple of portfolio pages of two houses that I have been involved with.

The Wabi Sabi Cottage has 640 sq. ft. on each level, but the main living space is just on the upper floor. I designed and built this about 16 years ago, and these pictures were taken last year.

The Rusty Pearl is a 850 sq.ft. home created with two additions to a single car garage.  It was designed by Matthew Swett, of Taproot Design, and was built last  year.

Body Soul Opening

17 03 2011


Gala Opening
BodySoul Work

The Psychotherapy Practice of
Lisa Fladager, MCAT, LMHC, R-DMT, CMA

In a new space, freshly renovated by Langley’s own Magnusson Design and Building, LLC

Saturday, March 19 ~ 4 – 6:30 p.m.

Come enjoy refreshments, live music, meet and greet, other surprises, and explore the space.

2812 East Meinhold Road
Langley, Whidbey Island, WA 98260

(Situated in the Sears Annex Cottage at Bayview Corner, next to The Chiropractic Zone)


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24 10 2010

Lynn’s home has received some more recognition, this time being included in a book.

Metroplitan Home magazine did an article in 2009, and the magazine then ceased publication later that year. Michael Lassell, a Features Director for Met Home compiled the “Design 100: The Last Word on Modern Interiors” as a final Met Home compilation. (please visit your local bookstore!) Lynn’s bath was selected as “Most Tranquil Enclosure for a Japanese Soaking Tub”

A little more description of the space:

The soaking tub is below floor level, custom built with 4″ of rigid insulation, and surfaced with Milestone. It has it’s own thermostat, heated with a coil from the radiant floor heating system, so the water can be held at user temperature for immediate use.

There is a large exterior window on one side, facing the private east view, and a large etched glass internal window opposite that , which allows light to pass farther into the house.

The walk in shower is adjacent to the tub. The large columns of the room are conventional stucco. Old cedar boards also add some texture.

All designed and built by MDB LLC

Thanks for all the interest!

6 04 2010

I put up another page in the portfolio, I hesitated because the photos don’t really do it justice, but maybe you get the idea:

Art at the Heart

Here it is…

5 04 2010

The first edition of a site showing some of the past work. For those of you who were hoping for daily updates and musings, I’m sorry. Dreams of an active blog lie shattered in the ditch. Thanks for everyone’s support and help over the years, and if your place isn’t represented, it should be.


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